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Oil and Gas market in Brazil

Mundivisas has extensive experience in serving global companies, vessels and platforms.

Mundivisas has a long experience in servicing professionals in the offshore, Oil and Gas fields.

The Oil and Gas field is very dynamic and especially challenging in respect to the transfer of foreign labor.

This transfer represents not only a managerial and logistic challenge but it is  also subject to complex regulatory environment and constant changes as well.

The movement of a platform or vessel between countries represents a major challenge in terms of moving staff and Immigration. The date of arrival is not clearly defined and the crew can change up to the very last moment. On the other hand, we have to deal with a work permit process that requires an application of a minimum of 40 days in advance and it also requires that we inform beforehand where the visas will be collected. To plan and effectively execute an operation in this scenario is a huge challenge.

Mundivisas has specific solutions for this market which combines extensive experience in dealing with immigration, management training, planning and operational excellence.